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The Writings of Ninja


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Medicine Witch

Chapter 1

It’s a beautiful day in May, there is a calm breeze outside. As I stand on the edge of a canyon my long brown hair blows in front of my eyes. I brush it away just so I can see the beautiful scenery. As I stand there and think of what will come in the next day, the wind gets stronger and makes my long white dress blow even harder, as I try and keep it down my shawl fly’s away into a tree. I run over and grab it as I hear thunder in the distance, I know it is time to head home.

I live on the side of a mountain, not far from town but far enough to be away from the people. Most the towns people don’t like me and well I don’t care for them either however I’m always willing to help people in need. I have a black horse named Serenity and a white wolf named Sheehan, as for me my name is Haven. I hate my name and I hate my past. I am Native American, a medicine woman, a witch but most important a healer and shaman. When I was younger I started to learn spells and remedies from my grandmother, I went to live with her after my parents where killed. I loved my grandmother but my grandfather I never liked, the day I ran away he tried to rape me, I haven’t been back since and that was 3 years ago. I miss my grandmother but I know I’m in her thoughts.

I get on serenity and ride over to the edge of the canyon to look at the storm coming in. The wind has gotten harder and the clouds have hidden the sun. As I sit there in silence I start to hear something behind me. I reach for my knife and turn around, just to see a handsome man standing in front of me. He had some blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt on, he looked very muscular with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes.

“What are you doing here, what do you want?” I ask.

“Sorry to bother you, my name is Gabriel, I have lost my way and I think I hurt my wrist, I’m just looking for help,” he says as he moves closer to me.

“Well you will not find it here, get off my land or I will have you arrested.” I say.

I put my knife away and turn Serenity towards home, we start to run, as we head home I turn to look at Gabriel, I see him sit down on a rock and look at the storm.

After a few hours I look outside and I start to get worried. The wind was blowing very hard and the rain was coming down, I had an open window and I close it, as I do a cold breeze comes in. I start to wonder if he found someone to help him. I look at Sheehan laying by the fireplace and she lifts her head up as though she is telling me to go look for him. A few more minutes go by and I grab my shawl and get on Serenity to go look for him.

“Gabriel, Gabriel!” I call out as I ride.

As I get to the canyon edge, I start to fear the worst, he might have fallen down the canyon. I get off of Serenity and look down the canyon, I see something white and I know its him. He doesn’t look like he is moving. Serenity and I head down the canyon, Several minutes later we reach him, I see he isn’t moving. I reach down to see if he is still breathing, he is but he is ice cold. I take off my shawl and wrap it around him. As I put him on Serenity’s back I slip on a rock and cut my hand. I rip off a piece of fabric from a blanket and rap it around my hand. We slowly walk up the canyon, the rain was making it hard but we finally made it. As we reach the top of the canyon I get on Serenity and hold Gabriel while we ride home.

By the time we arrive home the rain has gotten worse and the thunder got louder, just then some lighting hit’s a near by tree and throws me on the group making the cut on my hand worse. I get up and see that a fire has started but the rain made it die quickly. I grab Gabriel and take him inside, as I do Sheehan growls at them and then some thunder makes a loud noise and she hides under my rocking chair. I gently set Gabriel on the sofa and then I went back outside to put Serenity in the barn. On my way back from the barn I see a break in the clouds and I know the storm will soon be over. I walk inside and look at Adam as though he is an angel, I move my eyes and look at his wet clothes. I knew I had to take them off but I was nervous. I walk to the bathroom and change into something dry. I grab a basket and sit next to Gabriel, as I take a deep breath, I start to take off his shirt and then I stop, I realize I have never seen a man naked, he was very handsome but I clear my mind and move on. I put his shirt in the basket and finish with the rest of his clothes. As I take the basket to the bathroom, I hear drips of water coming from the cloths. I hang them up to dry and grab a few wool blankets from the closet. I put the blankets on him but then he starts to move, I stop and look at him as though I’m under a spell. He finally stops. I walk over to the fireplace and start a nice fire, I put a few stones next to the fire to get warm. As they warm up I look at my cut hand. I grab a needle from the closet and tie up the wound, I grab a piece of cloth and tie it around my hand. By this time the stones where nice and warm, I grab a few towels and rap each of the stones in them, I gently place them under Gabriel’s blanket to keep him warm. I walk over to the kitchen and start to make some tea, I realize he told me something about his wrist. I walk over and check it, it was bruised but didn’t seem to be broken. I grab some healing lotion and slowly rub it on his wrist as I sing a healing chant. Once I had finished I wrap a piece of cloth around his wrist. I walk over to the kitchen and check on the tea, as I do so I get a rag and run it under some hot water. I walk over to Gabriel and put the rag on his forehead, he moans a little as if he is in pain. As I wait for the tea I go to the closet and grab some dry cloths that would fit him, I lay them on the table next to him. I look outside and see that it has stopped raining so I grab a cup of tea and walk outside, Sheehan follows me. There was a cold breeze but it wasn’t bad, I walk over to the railing of the porch and lookout over my land to see the damage the storm did. A cold breeze blows across my face as I close my eyes and take a sip of tea.

Mean while Gabriel wakes up and looks around, he thinks to himself, Where am I, where are my clothes, what is going on? He calms himself and notices that his wrist is wrapped up, he tries to move it but it hurts. He notices the clothes on the table and gets dressed. He looks outside and sees me on the porch, so he grabs a blanket from off the rocking chair and walks outside.

Gabriel walks outside ,“Hi,” he says as he puts the blanket around me.

“Thank you, how are you feeling,” I say as I turn around to look at him.

“Much better, thank you,” he says.

“There is a cup of tea on the stove, you should drink it,” I say as I smile.

“Ok,” he says as he smiles.

“It doesn’t taste the best but it will help you heal,” I say as I smile and pull the blanket tighter around me.

He nods as he walks inside, I follow him.

As he grabs the cup of tea I sit on the couch, he sits down next to me. It is silent and I almost start to laugh because he is making funny faces because of the tea.

“What happened to your hand?” Gabriel asks as he sets down his tea.

“I…I cut it,” I say as I look at my hand.

“Does it hurt?” He asks as he reaches over to grab my hand.

“No….Nothing hurts me,” I say as I move my hand away.

Adam continues to drink his tea.

“What’s your name?” Gabriel asks to break the silence.

“Haven…..Havenwolf, I hate it so I like to be called Haven,” I say.

“Well, it’s a beautiful name but I will call you Haven if you like, what does it mean anyway?” He say as he smiles.

“Safe place,” I say.

“Well I feel very safe around you,” he says as he smiles.

I blush and smile.

“Look just drink your tea, get your clothes and leave, you can keep those clothes, just leave me alone,” I say in a mean way.

I stand up and walk outside, I start to think to myself, I can’t like him, what am I doing.

“Have I done anything to offend you?” Gabriel asks as he walks outside.

“No just leave,” I say.

I run to the barn and get on Serenity, we ride down to the bottom of the canyon, where there is a small creek. I jump off of Serenity and tell her to stay. I take off my shoes and walk into the creek, it wasn’t that high just up to my ankles and with the new rain water it felt really good. I start to think, I hope he leaves, I can’t like someone, I would be to scared that he would hurt me, what in the world was I thinking.

“Give me a sign of what to do,” I cry as I look to the heavens.

I walk over to a rock and take a seat while I watch the sun set. After the sunset I started to head home. Once I got closer to home, I saw Sheehan, she came running up to me. I gently pat her on the head as she barks at me. I see that the lights where on in the house so I thought to myself, great he is still there, maybe I shouldn’t go in, but I did. As I walk inside I see no sign of Gabriel but what I do see is, 2 white candle, an envelope, a white rose and a plate with a cover on the table. I walk over and open the envelope, there is a letter.

Dear Haven,

I wanted to apologize for anything I said that might have offended you,
I didn’t mean to and I’m sorry. I want to be your friend, for it doesn’t
seem like many people in town are friendly to strangers.  I have made
you dinner, it is just chicken, I hope it is still warm. Also here is a rose
to show you that you are as beautiful as one. I hope you will forgive me,
and by the way, I just moved here, I live in town on the other hill, I got
lost exploring but now that I have met you I’m glad I did.  Before I left
the bruise on my wrist was gone and it didn’t hurt. The tea really helped
and I thank you.

Yours truly,

I put the letter down on the table and I take a look at the food under the cover, it was chicken that had been seasoned, as well as vegetables and some mashed potatoes. I take the plate and put it in the oven to heat up. As it heats up I grabbed a vase and put the rose in it. I set the rose on the table. I take the food out of the oven and let it cool a little, as it did I made a cup of tea. I take both over to the sofa and start to eat. The food was amazing, and I cleaned the plate. After eating, I grab a book and started reading while I enjoyed the fire. I start to fall asleep on the sofa. That night I had a dream about Gabriel, my grandmother, a storm and some healing energy that wasn’t coming from me. I wake up in the middle of the night and realize my grandmother has died.

Ninja girl

As I stand on the roof top of an apartment building I hear the busy streets down below, its Friday night and the streets are filled with people, cars blowing there horns at people running across the street. The city is busy tonight but that wont stop me from doing my job. As I stand on the edge of the building looking down a slight breeze blows, it feels as if it will push me off but I keep my balance. I look up to the moon and close my eyes, without even opening them I fall off the building and do a flip in the air, landing on a balcony. I jump once more but this time there is no balcony, as I fall I grab onto a window, but one of my hands slip. I reach up with my other hand and remain as quiet as I can for the people down below might see me. I throw my body up and grab another window above. I have to wait for the right moment or all is lost. I can 2 people fighting in the room, then a door slams. I pull myself up a little as I look in, no sigh of anyone in the room but the bathroom door is shut. I climb in the room and grab a knife from the kitchen while I move towards the bathroom door, it starts to open so I slip into the closet leaving it a crack open. The guy comes out of the bathroom and heads to the couch, he sits down and turns on the tv. Without even moving from the closet I throw the knife at the guys neck, he is killed instantly. I come out of the closet and walk over to the guy. I say a prayer for him and jump out the window landing in the alley below. As I slip into the shadows I hear a scream from the room above, I disappear.

Morning comes and I walk up in my apartment, I act as if nothing happened last night. I walk out into the hall and grab the newspaper sitting by my door. I walk inside and grab a cup of coffee. I set the paper on the table and walk outside on to the balcony with my coffee, as the sun hits my face, I take a sip. Today is a new day.

My name is Liz and I’m an Assassin. I work for a private employer, each day I’m delivered a new job, most of them are one nighters like last night but some take planning and traveling. Last night was an easy job.

I walk inside and grab the paper, as I read it I see no news of the murder last night, which is always a good sign. I look up at the clock and there is a knock on the door, perfect timing. I answer the door and the mail man is there with a package. He hands me the package and moves on without saying a word. I close the door and throw the package on the table and jump in the shower.

I don’t have any friends, if I have friends I might have to kill them one day. I love my job but I know one day I will get caught. So I have to be very careful.

Meanwhile, back at the guys apartment an investigator looks around the room. He realizes this was a pro. He has seen this work several times before. He knew it was the same person. His boss walks into the room.

“Brandon, what are you doing here, your suppose to be on your way to Paris,” said his boss.

“I know…..” said Brandon.

“I feel sorry for the guy, he didn’t even see it coming, you recognize the work?” asked his boss.

“Yes,” said Brandon.

“Well worry about it when you get back,” said his boss.

“Yes sir,” said Brandon.

Brandon left the apartment and headed to the airport.

I get out of the shower and put my hair in a ponytail, I sit at the table. I open the package. Inside is a plane ticket, pictures, and info. I’m headed to Paris to get a journal, I will be there for as long as it takes. I memorize the pictures and destroy them with everything else. I grab a duffle bag and pack. I walk outside and call a cab, I get in and head to the airport.

The War of the Shadows

The Birth

A little more then a thousand years ago, a war happened, a war between the Shadows, between good and evil, darkness and light, demons and angels. Ten Angels where chosen to battle but where defeated. Now comes the time again for there chance to reclaim themselves. A time for two angels to become heroes. Our story begins on April 24, 1984, when a little girl was born, her name is Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth isn’t doing well, she had a hard time coming into the world and is fighting a demon of her own. Hours pass and as she sees the light an Angel comes, an Angel called God. As her father watches her, God says, “It is not her time for she is too important, too special to die.” Just then she wins the battle but in her life she will have several battles. May 30, 1984 comes alone and another little girl is born, her name is Claire. Now Claire had it easy she was born to be great, and came into the world much easier then Elizabeth. Both these girls where so different but had a connection, that connection they would soon find out in there lives to come. Elizabeth and Claire begin to grow up both having very different lives. Elizabeth was born into a very close Catholic family, she was very happy but her health was a different story. As she grew up she saw the hospital a lot but as she turned 10 her health improved. Elizabeth didn’t really have any friends her family were her friends and they where very close. Every holiday was a family holiday, she became very close to her cousins, and her cousins became her friends. She found herself surrounded in family all the time and she enjoyed it.