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The Writings of Ninja

Poems 2

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A bad day
When you look into your soul,
What do you see?
Everything is in the wrong place,
You heart is hurting,
Full of black holes,
When something else is about to go,
You burst into deep dark depression,
Feeling like the whole world is going to blow.
You just want to die,
Until the very next day,
The whole world is in your way,
You don’t care about anything else,
But this is the day,
This is what I have to say.

Life sucks,
Save it for a rainy day,
Don’t cry,
Wipe those tears away,
Be strong,
Don’t give up.
I’m going to show you this is the way,
It may be difficult then all the rest,
This is your challenge,
The biggest one yet,
Look it straight in the eyes,
And don’t turn back.
I am here for you,
No matter what you choose,
Right or Wrong,
Depending on you,
And if you die it may show your weak,
But you will get another day, to show your strength.
Repeat Chorus
Even though you’re going through this very hard time,
There’s something you have to keep in mind,
Be yourself and don’t let go,
Hold tight to your dreams,
Search your soul for a relief,
This will set you free,
Don’t let go,
Don’t let go of those beliefs,
Hold tight,
I’m by your side.
You will start to through things out,
Start to cut yourself,
Cause you don’t care.
I’m here to tell you,
You are different,
You are not the same,
You are your weakness,
You are your destiny,
You can sore,
You can fly,
Into the sky,
Just take your breath,
And hold on tight.
You are here,
You are now,
You can be anything,
This is your gift,
I’m setting you free,
Just don’t let go,
Don’t let go of me.
Repeat Chorus

You let people get in your way,
You walk around with a sad face,
You are so lost in this world today,
Going on the path in the wrong way
You don’t want to hurt anybody,
You don’t want to lose somebody,
Even though you’re not happy,
The truth is this,
The truth is that,
You are hurting yourself to death.
This is not the way,
Don’t you see?
Your soul is dying, Despite and crying,
You are lost as lost as can be,
I am here to help you, guide you and soothe you,
So take my hands,
Open your eyes,
We are going to fly.
Repeat Chorus

Don’t give up,
Don’t give up!
To day is the day.

An inch from death
You can die a million deaths while you’re living,
You can die a million times in a life time,
But there is something you can’t do that often,
You can’t come an inch from death and live.
Even though you’re living there’s a part of you that is dead,
The next time might be your last,
In this life time you have left,
Take it and cherish it,
This is you and only you can make it last.

Don’t take life for granted,
Take control,
Raise your voice to the highest stars,
And don’t let go.
Each time you get that close you get weaker,
But your soul gets stronger,
Soon you won’t be able to last,
You will fall apart and you won’t come back,
You are dead in the eyes of this world when you get an inch from death,
But somehow you live.
Repeat Chorus
An inch from death is a scary place,
A place to show your strengths,
But after awhile you will lose the fight,
And that’s when an inch becomes dead.
Repeat Chorus
An inch from death is no place to be,
You’re weak and hopeless,
You just lie in bed,
Your life is put on hold as you get your strength back,
Deep inside you’re dieing,
But there is a way to make yourself last,
Don’t take life for granted when you’re an inch from death.
I listen to all of these songs on the radio,
And I think that couldn’t be me,
My songs are weak and hopeless,
Even though they come from inside,
Who would care if they died,
What’s the point of writing if no one listens,
What’s the point of caring if there gone,
Who would care if I wrote another song,
Maybe my blog would, but that’s all.
Our Journey
We’re going on a journey into our past,
To learn what we have missed,
It’s not going to be easy but this what we have to do,
It’ll take strength to face our weakness,
It’ll take strength to follow our dreams,
It’ll take strength to show our believes and everything in between,
Even though we’re unexpected of what we will find,
We must remember to take our time,
With each step by step,
Each day by day,
We will get through this journey some way.
Our journey maybe different then what we thought,
Showing a part of us that was lost,
It may not be easy, but this is what we have to do,
This is our destiny,
This is our challenge to be,
So reach for the stars,
Fly to there heights,
And we will see we’re not the only ones taking this flight,
Because it’s you and I.
Now that your journey is over,
I hope it was what you expected,
I hope it went just fine,
I hope you learned what you needed,
So you can start a new life.
The journey to our destiny isn’t over,
It has just begun,
But when it is over we can proudly say,
We completed this challenge of our destiny,
Our journey is done,
Our destiny is one,
Now it is gone.

The way we see each other
When the sun goes down and the stars come up,
I am ready to rock,
In the darkest hour,
Where the moon is full,
The sky is black and blue,
The shadows surround me,
In the dead of night,
My dreams come true in the soul’s eyes,
The wolf howls in the moonlight,
And honor’s you.

This is my destiny,
This is where my soul leads me,
In perfect love and perfect trust,
I will harm none,
But I will do what I will,
This is me and you,
So mote it be,
Blessed be,
This is me.
You may not agree with what I have to say,
You may try and change me in everyway,
You judge me everywhere I go,
You don’t understand who I am.
Well I’m a witch!

This is what I have to say,
If you don’t like it then go away,
You think I’m evil,
Well I don’t care,
This is me,
And I’m not changing for anybody.
Repeat Chorus
I walk down the street as you look at me,
A pentagram hanging from my neck,
You think I worship Satan,
But the truth is this,
I don’t believe in what a Christian does,
I don’t believe in the devil,
You believe in only one god and I believe in many,
You judge me even though you don’t know,
So just give up!
Repeat Chorus
You judge everything within a few feet,
Thinking everyone’s evil,
If we don’t agree with what you have to say,
You think we worship the devil,
But here is this, here is that,
I’m willing to die for what I believe in,
But are you willing to die how your God did?
You worship the bible,
A book full of pages an author wrote,
For all you know I could have written it,
Don’t you see?
This is me,
You worship a damn book.
My problems
I worry too much, about the things I can’t stop.
Did I make you cry, did I scare you in the night.
I think too much about the little things in life,
I think I did something wrong when you say something odd.
I worry about the things I say, worrying that I pushed you away.
I know I can be annoying at times but this is something I can’t recognize.
I’m sorry if I hurt you, I’m sorry if I scared you.
I worry about you even when I shouldn’t care.
I’m different and sometimes I hate that,
I wish I was normal and couldn’t say I saw you in a past day.
Sometimes I feel I said too much,
When you start to act differently, but then I realize it’s just me.
Sometimes I feel stupid when I say some things,
Sometimes I feel stupid when I think about everything.
I may not drink, I may not smoke, but I feel like the balance in my soul is lost.
It seems like there is no solution to my life,
The song keeps singing but I can’t hear it.
All the little problems in my life,
Come from me thinking too much but that is something I can’t stop.
All the problems in my life come from me.