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The Writings of Ninja


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The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon only comes out when your asleep.

Its dark and cold outside,
The shadows consume my mind,
As dreams disappear and nightmares come alive,
I run away until another day,
When night time is gone and I hope and pray that is doesn’t kill me,
While I’m on the dark side of the moon.

In my dreams I see,
You right next to me,
And then the nightmares mind consumes my soul,
And I see you die in front of me,
But I know your still alive,
The nightmare can’t control my mind,
It may try but I have a dreamers mind.

Sometimes when its dark outside,
I wish you where by my side,
Protecting me from the tortures in the night,
I’m scared of them, scared the nightmare’s mind,
Scared of the shadows lurking inside.

The moon is calling to me,
Look outside,
Your guardian is trapped in the shadows light,
It will never shine like a candle in the dead of night,
For the nightmare has consumed the flame,
The nightmare calls through my dreams making the torture never stop.

There starting to consume my soul,
And I’m starting to fall into something I don’t know,
Come and protect me from this nightmares dream,
Come and save me so I can be with thee.

A nightmare’s mind consumes my soul,
My one true desire and turns it around into a nightmare,
Oh save me from this torture in me,
The claws at my soul break me down,
So I become a nightmare’s demon,
OH OH let me be free,
Be a dreamers mind,
So I can escape the dark side and reach the light,
Oh Oh the nightmare has consumed my soul,
Until dawn rises and I let it all show,
But then I wake up and see,
It was just a dream, A nightmares dream.

I’m ready

How do you know what’s truly in your heart,
If you don’t know the right direction,
You search high and low for a little push,
But here you are lost,
On a path,
Its either stand here or go on back to who you used to be.

That little girl who’s scared of the dark,
Don’t turn back,
Your past is your past,
It could haunt you for the rest of your days,
But don’t let is scare you in the face.

You may not know what’s truly in your heart,
But you must go forward from the start,
Don’t be scared of what stands in your path,
Just be brave and you will get through this day.

I’m not scared,
Of anything you put in front of me,
So bring it on,
I’m ready.


Life is good I can’t complain,
But sometimes I wish it would change,
There are times I want to run away,
Hide for another day,
Another time,
Another place,
Where I can be anything I want to be,
But who says I want to be anything but me.

I never thought it would come of this but here it is,
I feel sorry for myself,
For the things I can’t change,
Like this curse inside of me,
But I will survive this day by being me.

I may see myself as something different,
But this is who I am,
I’m not as perfect as you think,
I’m not as pretty as I want to be,
In this world of beauty I feel as if I’m ugly,
Even though people say I’m beautiful,
I see myself in my own way,
I am who I am and I’m not changing a thing.

Everyone sees me as a good little girl,
But I see myself as something different,
Someone grown up and confident,
Strong and brave,
Graceful and peaceful,
But sometimes I wish I was dark and evil,
I want to seem more mysterious at times,
Be someone I can’t recognize,
Be someone that’s not me.

I may not be as healthy as I wish,
And I can’t change who I am,
I may have a disease,
But that’s not stopping me from being me,
I may have an extraordinary gift,
But I don’t see it as something special,
I just see it as me being me.

When I look in the mirror,
I see that my posture sucks,
My legs are to long,
My ankles are weak,
And my feet are ugly,
My body has no strength,
But my soul is strong,
I always see my flaws, my imperfections,
When other people see them they think they are great,
But I will always see something wrong with me.

When you look into my eyes you see my soul,
Something I try and hide,
But you will see my soul when I open my voice,
You see me as someone that is brave,
But I am shy and scared,
I’m surprised I was able to sing tonight.

You say I have a beautiful voice,
And I sing every day and night,
But there is something wrong with me,
Something only I can see,
No matter how hard I try,
I can’t get ride of what’s wrong with my voice,
I can practice every night and day,
But I will always see something wrong with me.

My life may not be perfect,
And there are challenges I face,
But I am happy being me,
I may want to change somethings,
But I will always be me.

A ninja hides in the darkness,
A ninja is an assassin coming to say goodbye,
A ninja you won’t hear or see,
Until they stab you in the back,
Like a rogue on world of warcraft,
A ninja is strong and brave,
But they hold a secret in there heart.
I hold a secret in my hearth,
I’m a ninja.
I have a ninja’s weakness that I crave,
So I can live another day,
I want to run away so I don’t have to be afraid.
A ninja’s weakness is something you shouldn’t have.
A ninja’s weakness shows my insides,
Deep insides I’m weak and hopeless and I’m scared.
I just want to hide but I can’t,
I must let my ninja out so everyone runs away,
Then I’m not scared.
Yes its true,
I’m a ninja in black and blue and I’m coming for you,
So run away so I can live another day,
So run away so I don’t have to be your ninja and kill you,
So don’t say goodbye and I won’t come for you….
I’m a ninja.
PvP Junkie
Come on baby ride them, ride them, like you have before,
Come one baby ride them, ride them, like you can’t anymore,
Come on baby ride them, ride them, like you have before,
Come one baby ride them, ride them, like you can’t anymore.
Your going to die no matter what you do,
So just keep fight until you lose,
Just kick them in the bitch,
Until they know your always going to win.
Repeat Chorus
So just keep fighting you never know,
You might actually win,
So keep on going forward,
Cause you never know.
Repeat Chorus
Your going to die no matter what you do,
So why don’t you try to get on through,
Your going to lose weather or not,
So why don’t you put your whole foot forward,
And quit the snobby attitude.
Repeat Chorus
If your not going to try,
What’s your fucken point of staying,
And letting us die.
Repeat Chorus
Don’t give me the shit no more!