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The Writings of Ninja

Poems 3

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Don’t Go
I don’t want to hurt you like I have before,
I don’t want to make cry if I say its no more,
I know your falling for me and I’m falling for you,
But I don’t want to find out this was just a thing and hurt you.
I’m scared I don’t know what to do,
I’m scared I’m falling for you,
But even if I try I can’t get you off my mind.
You make me smile so big,
You make me blush a lot,
But I guess it’s because I didn’t get that much,
But I think about you and I can’t wait to meet,
To see if this is more then a thing,
An obsession wanna to be,
Oh I hope its not,
Oh I pray to God that you like me this much.
I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know what to say,
To let you know how I feel this day,
I think about you every night and day and I pray that you see,
Oh this is me,
I’m not changing for anybody,
If you don’t like it then you can leave,
But deep inside I hope you don’t because I care about you so,
All I can say is Don’t Go.
I have a crush on you!
The first day I saw you,
Was the rest of my life,
It went to a point inside,
I was scared to say a word,
Scared to take a look,
So I search my soul inside,
As you smiled at me I was scared,
But I smiled back in fear,
I was scared of the thoughts that I liked you,
I was scared that I won’t lose you,
For I wasn’t able to inside.
I dreamed of you every night and day,
I danced though the night with you by my side,
Then dawn raised and I was scared,
I hoped for you,
I longed for you,
I just couldn’t get ride of you,
I just wanted it to be done,
I wanted to move on.
Just when I think I’m over you,
You put on the charm,
I wish I never saw you,
I wish I never touch you,
Now all hope is gone.
I just want to be friends to the end,
My crush doesn’t matter anymore,
So just hold tight,
Until I die,
Until I dream,
Until I dance,
Until I have one last request.
I have a crush on you!
Love hurts
Sometimes its not easy to follow you heart,
Sometimes it feels like it would be better to die then hurt,
Sometimes love can hurt more then even a shot in the heart,
And sometimes love hurts.
I don’t know what to do,
Or where to turn,
All I know is I need space to breath,
I need to cry and let this out,
But right now I’m scared.
I’m scared to trust you,
And I’m scared to love you.
I fell for you off a cliff and I climbed back up it,
Since I’m scared of heights, I can’t look down,
At you below looking up.
Oh I’m so angry at you.
I feel like if I cut off my foot I would feel better,
I’m sorry but I hurt and right now I can’t love you,
I’m so lost right now and god nothing is helping,
Something tells me I wish you came out here,
Something tells me thank god you didn’t,
And the reason was because then I would have to face my problems,
I do wish you came out here, I hate to ask for proof but right now that’s what I need.
If you came here and knocked on the door I would most like open it,
Close it and think I was dreaming,
I just don’t know what to do,
I miss you but I’m scared,
I’m scared of your temper….
Because temper got me hurt physical once,
I don’t know what to say,
But love hurts.

In my dreams
Its dark and cold outside,
The sun setting down on my dreams,
Clouds and rain feel the sky but I can do anything by your side,
You open the sky and let my dreams become reality.
My dreams involve you by my side all the time,
I’m starting to fall for you but I’m to scared to,
I want to caress your skin,
Look within your eyes but I have found something I can’t recognize.
The colors in your skin,
The waves in your hair,
Makes my kneels grow weaker but my heart grow stronger.
I was unexpected of what I would find when I searched my soul and looked inside,
When I looked in your eyes I saw you and me standing side by side,
I saw red raspberries fill your cheeks as you say something sweet,
I saw your lips touching mine,
If only it wasn’t a dream.
The glimmer in your eyes makes my soul on fire,
I wish you where here by my side every night,
I want to touch your skin, Caress your face,
I feel you cuddling by my side everyday,
I want you to know who I am,
I want you to know what I see,
I want you to know who I want to be,
In my world nothing exists but you and me.
I want to dance with you in a moonlight sense, just you and me, I want to be with thee, if only in my dreams. 
Something unknown to me
You do something to me,
That I didn’t recognize,
You feel my soul with glory,
As you protect me in the night.
You’re strong and brave,
With a gentle heart,
You’re the kind of guy,
A girl dreams for,
You’re the kind of person,
I wish I could be,
Shy and scared but willing to do anything,
This is not me,
I’m the kind of girl that’s daring to be anything I see,
I’m not scared of anything, except something unknown to me.
You’re the right guy for me,
When you can make me smile,
When I’m down,
You’re the right guy for me,
When you can make me laugh,
When I frown,
You’re the right guy for me,
When you’re a gentleman around me.
That’s the hopeless romantic in me.
See you do something to me,
Something in my soul,
Something unknown to me,
That makes me glow,
You bring my soul to life,
And you let it show.
You’re the right guy for me,
When you make me feel like everything is ok,
Even on the very worst of days,
You’re my knight in shining armor today.

The Hopeless Romantic
I’m a hopeless romantic,
Craving everything I see,
In my eyes,
In my life,
I dream of you and me,
Cuddling in a moonlight sense,
Being romantic and shy,
I crave everything that I see in your eyes.
I crave your soft touches on my skin,
Candle light romance,
Dust drifting by as nighttime arises,
As roses start to bloom in your eyes,
I crave you next to me,
Your arms protecting me,
I crave everything that I see when you’re being sweet.
The stars fill the sky,
As nighttime arise,
They glow in your eyes,
Like something unimaginary,
I dream of thee,
Cuddling with me,
Smiling at me so grand,
I’m a hopeless romantic,
I’m a dreamer’s glow,
I’m a daydreamer’s glance and a dreamer’s romance,
In my eyes and in my soul I will always be a romantic when it comes to me and you,
I’m the hopeless romantic.

You drive me crazy
Why do you drive me crazy all the time,
Making me want you all night,
Why do you drive me crazy.
Do you think your something special in my mind,
Making me think about you all night,
Oh why do you drive me crazy.
I don’t even know your last name but here I am wanting you,
Oh make it stop,
Let me get on with my life without you,
Oh don’t leave,
Keep saying those words,
That drive me crazy for you.
You think you know what I want,
But I’m not your booty call,
Your not getting what you want from me,
But oh you still drive me crazy.
You don’t know anything about me.
You don’t even know my last name,
But here you are playing this stupid game.
You don’t read my writing,
And here you are wanting sex,
I’m not that kind of person,
So don’t try and make me it,
If that’s what you think when you see my name.
Then you will never mean the same.
So stop your stupid games,
Grow up and be a man,
Realize that sex isn’t everything,
And get out of my fucken head,
Cause I don’t care about you,
And your stupid attitude,
Oh you could have me any other day but today is F U.