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Spiritsof the Light
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Runes are alphabetical signs at least 18 centuries old elaborated by ancient european people. These signs used to be employed in poetry, stone carvings and fortune telling by many ancient tribes such as the Germans, the Celts and the Vikings.

Although they are an alphabet, the runes never became a spoken idiom. Each of its signs is a magical symbol. Therefore, the runes were assumed to be a ritual language, becoming the voice of an Oracle.

Oracles, however, do NOT tell the future. Their purpose is to direct people to what is happening inside their minds in order to reach the answers from the subconscious.

Here are the images and descriptions of what each Rune in the Voice of The Oracle means. Enjoy.

Sowelu- It is a victory and success. To some, however, it can be a trip into the inner world in search of balance. It is time to admit something long denied.

Eiwaz- It means things will turn out fine, no matter how difficult they are. The obsticles are instruments to test your patience. Hold your anxiety.

Othila- It means radical breakup ahead, but you will reach your dreams: Your role in society, material goods and your beliefs. To find out who you really are you may need to put away some of your claims.

Manaz- The start up: The need to improve your "self", to help your relationship with the world. Keep your modesty. Your path will be found.

Perth- Mysterious powers are taking place but tend to be revealed. It is a perfect time for reflection and also material gains.

Berkana- Fertility. The birth of a person or a new idea. Take your steps carefully.

Gebo- It is union, partnership of any sort but you must keep your individuality and self confidence. For this is the rune of freedom.

The Plain Rune- This Rune is destiny. It guides your karma, the whole of your previous exhistances. Your obsticles are the passport to a new start.

Fehu- Great luck, wealth, goals and love to come true. This is a conquest not a present.

Hagalaz- Wish of change and freedom. But for that it is nessessary to put the material reality aside. Look at your inner world. If things seem to be out of control a break up might be a good idea. Self growth cycle.

Ansuz- Be ready for the unexpected. Changes! Ansuz urges you to explore your deeps as well as to practice your sensibility and power of observation.

Kano- This is the rune of fire. It means the end of darkness in your life. Your passion and sensuality may be a sign of a coming marriage.

Raido- this is the moment to act. Find out what your heart wishes. Resistances will be gone. Raido is the union and reunion. The end of conflicts.

Thurisaz- The door is it's symbol. Then, observe every moment, every detail. Think it all over and get free from your ghosts. Then cross the borders.

Dagaz- A big turn over in your life. Might be a new love, new work, new opportunities or a new life attitude. Dagaz claims the darkness is gone and the sun will light your way.

Laguz- This is the rune of the super natural power inside your mind that will give you protection.

Isa- All your plans will stay frozen and suspended although you do not realize that. Do not over work. Try to find out what keeps you attached to your situation and throw away what is old. Resignation might mean wisdom. Do not count on your friends help.

Algiz- This is the rune of protection, victory, new opportunities and challenges. Be strong and take control of your emotions. Problems should NOT be ignored.

Ehwaz- Changes! It can even be moving to another country. Your decisions tend to be right.

Tiewaz- Victory at any completion. If the question is love, you and your partner have aloe to work out together.

Wunjo- Comprehension has become wisdom and a deep and lasting affection is about to come.

Jera- It invites you to optimism, but nothing comes fast, since each happening has its own cycle. Keep your trust and preserverance.

Nautiz- Your dark sides block you and make you weak. Investigate what makes you so attractive to bad luck.

Inguz- Claims you to split up relationships or old habits- You are ready for a new start; even a new child. The mean time could be dangerous. So, keep your good mood.

Uruz- You may lose someone or something. You will rise from the remainings of old values