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Spiritsof the Light
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Moon Phases


Waning (crescent and gibbous): *Pulling Away* effect. This is the best time for getting rid of anything you do not want/need in your life. Examples: Remove low vibrations in your home or work. Banish negative thoughts. Letting go of past and guilt. Starting of a diet (losing weight). Release anger or hostile emotions. The Waning phase is a powerful time for making room for the new.


Full Moon: Full phase is the strongest for psychic energies. Example: Peak time for stating intentions/goals/prayers.


Waxing (crescent and gibbous): *Pulling In* effect. Intuition/Psychic enhancement and effects. Examples: Time for new projects. Growth. Expansion. Increase health and well being. Increasing spirituality and wisdom.

New Moon: Time for rest. Desires are in a state of pause. Examples: Prepare for new wishes/prayers/goals. Take time to form and give thought to your *requests*.