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Reincarnation and Past Lives


Mostly in the west there is not as much emphasis put on reincarnation or rebirth as there has been in the east, where it is often closely associated with the laws of cause and effect, thus leading to the eastern philosophy and beliefs in the karmic laws and therefore the belief in the cycle of life and rebirth. Understandably there are a number of ideas concerning the subject of reincarnation and rebirth. My own personal views on reincarnation are open to the readers interpretation and greater understanding and are insights based on what I have learned from my own experiences of past life, coupled with the help I have received through spirit teachers and guides. In this section I have also given a brief view of some other beliefs concerning the subjects covered below.


The History of Reincarnation & Rebirth

Many cultures throughout the earth's history have believed in reincarnation or rebirth in one form or another and have taken the subject very seriously, to the point, where to aid those who have been close to mortal demise, they have taken them to their societies birthing chambers, close to where women would be in childbirth. This was done so that the discarnate soul leaving the body would not have far to travel to reincarnate or have rebirth within a new life and this was thought greatly to help the transmigration into the new host and life, therefore allowing rebirth to take place shortly after mortal demise. (However it appears that this would have been unsuccessful as the spirit is received at conception rather than at birth and it also appears that there is indeed choice within the spirit realms as to whether one wishes to return to the earthly plane and it seems only those who are also reasonably evolved and earn the opportunity can return to gain further experiences to add to the old or group soul)


Old Group & New Souls

Old and group souls are basically the same thing, although some believe that a group soul might be able to have incarnations on several different planes or dimensions at the same time, so in effect several facets or divisions of the group soul might exist at the same time and be experiencing life elsewhere on other planes or worlds and when these facets return to the higher self they bring to it the experience of each life, this group soul might also be referred to as a collective soul. However there is also another theory where we all come from one collective soul and we each return with our experiences and become at one with all spirit in what might be referred to as The Great Spirit or collective soul. In my own experience and understanding I feel this is not the case and those spirit that have had one or more previous incarnations cannot have multiple incarnations at the same time and if the old soul chooses to reincarnate they come in their entirety of spirit as one individual soul that comes as one with our new soul and remains as one soul from that point onward which is at the point of conception where the spirit is received and the new and old soul is coupled and joined together to become as one new and inseparable life.

However it is the new soul and ego that is here to develop and gain experiences from this earthly lifetime, while the old soul on the most part remains dormant and we have what is termed as past life amnesia. So the old soul has little bearing or effect on the present incarnation or on the situations of life that we may find ourselves in. It is true that the old soul may have a predestined life plan of experiences that have been ask for prior to reincarnation. But quite simply all that is done to fulfil and make any life plan and experiences possible, is that the old soul is reincarnated within an appropriate life and soul here, that by natural events will have many of these experiences within this present lifetimes natural destiny, without there being any need of outside influence or intervention to shape or alter any events within this present life. So all life here is left to live through the natural events of life whatever the situations might be and this is governed by the natural laws that exist and govern throughout the universe

However we should not underestimate the power of prayer in asking for guidance and help, but we should not expect miracles either, for it is true to say that God and spirit moves and works in subtle and mysterious ways and often in ways that maybe hard to see and what is often given to us is an opportunity that mostly we might think is just coincidence rather than spirit helping us and it is left to us whether we choose to take these opportunities or not. So it seems that the words "Ask and ye shall receive" might well be true.

Old souls returning to the earthly plain do not bring any form of karmic debt with them or upon ourselves, the reason for this is that they are all fairly evolved souls within the spirit realms prior to having the opportunity to return to the earthly plain and thus if they had any karmic debt, it has assuredly been worked off prior to their return and they bring on the most part, no detrimental effects onto our present lives and in the longer-term it is greatly beneficial for us to have an old soul present and we are coupled and matched very carefully with our old soul if we have an old soul prior to our conception and we become one and the same soul before birth and when we return back to the spirit realms we will become re-awoken and reunited with the old soul once again and this is somewhat like finding a missing part of ourselves as if we have had amnesia and on the hole is a wonderful and very beneficial awakening, somewhat like turning a dimly lit light up until it becomes a very bright and radiant light.

It is true to say that not all human souls here are old or group souls and that there are many new souls that are sent to the earth from the spirit realms to experience and begin conscious existence. The reason why not all are old souls is that to have reincarnation is not as easy a task as we might think, as spirit have to firstly obtain the required amount of light and evolution before they are given the opportunity in their spiritual pathway to be able to choose to return here through reincarnation or rebirth and this is seen as an opportunity that should be spiritually earnt rather than just allotted to all.

Even though having reincarnation can bring many benefits to spirit when they return to the spirit realms as it can greatly aid them to progress on to higher planes of evolution more readily, there are still many spirit that never the less choose not to have reincarnation and continue their evolution within the spirit realms without doing so and they can evolve to all the same levels with the same abilities as those who do have many reincarnations. In truth the benefits gained from reincarnation are quite vast in the beginning but each time one reincarnates the gain lessons and after a number of incarnations it becomes pointless to keep returning to lower planes such as this one, as more spiritual gain and evolution can be found by remaining within the spirit realms rather than through reincarnation. I would not hazard a guess at what percentage of us have an old soul present within us, only that it is a large number, but I would not think it is yet the majority of us, however I could be mistaken.


The Eastern Philosophy of the Several Fold Path of Rebirth & Karma

There are those who believe that we may have to experience a number of incarnations in human form, until such a time as the soul has obtained an appropriate level of enlightenment, through the process of a number of rebirths and experiences of life here on the earth. Often this has been considered to be something we have no choice in and that it may entail having rebirth here on a number of occasions in human form, (This should not be confused with the transmigration of souls, which is a different understanding that is thought to entail transmigrating from the lower species to the most evolved species here on the earth, which is human). Many that have believed in rebirth have believed that it may involve working off the karmic debt of past lifetimes and therefore hardship and sufferance in the present lifetime has often been attributed to any past life karmic debt, that has been brought forward by negative actions of past life onto the present life and incarnation, thus any present life suffering might be attributed as a consequenting result of the karmic laws and be seen as karmic debt and therefore unavoidable. The karmic laws being the laws that are thought to maintain an equilibrium through action causing reaction and for every action there will be consequenting reactions, therefore positive action is thought to result in positive reaction and negative action resulting in negative reactions, either in this present time or in some later incarnation.

It is thought that whatever karmic debt or credit we might of brought forward with us there will eventually be compensation or remonstration for both our past and present acctions. For those who do positive action and have also done so in their past lifetime there will be a positive reward and for those who have done negative actions there will be debt to make amends for and possible hardship and suffering as a result of their past actions. This is seen to address who we are and how we conduct ourselves and those who have a more positive life are seen to be further along the pathway toward enlightenment and those who have hardship are also on this same path and are receiving the lessons that teaches negative action results in negative reaction and the lesson is that through doing positive action they will escape the consequenting negative karma and instead further their own enlightenment to living within the karmic laws.

Some except the karmic laws as an unavoidable fact of life and to prevent misfortune in a future incarnation they may choose to set about only doing positive action in this lifetime, thereby working off karmic debt of any previous life and preventing it in any future life and that by doing so it will help to bring enlightenment and the understanding necessary through several incarnations to achieve the required enlightenment and level, where it becomes possible to move on for a time into a higher level and state of existence beyond the mortal realm. This belief again has good merits and many true understandings, but I feel is not completely correct, but has good values and teaches practical and logical ways in which to live a good and practical life within its understandings.


My Interpretation of Karma

If you come from the East then it is possible that you believe that karma is an inescapable fact of life, if you come from the West then you may have little comprehension of what the karmic laws are or what they represent. My own view of karma and karmic law is that it is nothing more than the natural and universal laws, that all things live within the natural laws and that all things are subject to and governed by the natural laws that exist throughout the universe and beyond, as I believe that many of these same laws also exist within the spirit realms and that these natural laws are inescapable, and that what effects and experiences we may have that are either positive or detrimental has very little to do with previous life actions or karmic debt or credit, and is much more related to our present actions and situations within the laws that exist

However I do believe that spiritual debt and credit can be taken on by the spirit and that this will have some bearing on the spiritual level and plain of evolution that we will move onto after this life within the spirit realms, for it is true to say that our own spirit is our own judge within the spirit realms and that by the light that our spirit shines forth we will be our own judges and by our own lifes actions and we find ourselves on the appropriate plane for our own level of spiritual evolution, and whether here or in spirit we all have personal responsibility that we each shall be accountable for our own actions and our right or wrong actions can and will have either positive or negative consequences, both in this life and beyond, this is not because we are so much judged as good or bad it is more that within the natural laws there are lessons we must firstly learn before it is appropriate for us to move on and evolve to higher planes and states of being within the spirit realms and to be opposing to the beneficial growth and evolution of all things, goes against the laws that exist that favour beneficial growth and progression, so those that are contrary to positive growth will have and keep having the same lessons until they are learnt and until we learn live in harmony within natural laws and it seems those who are most enlightened act in the most complementary way within the natural laws.

In my own opinion which is open to the readers interpretation, the understanding of karma and karmic laws is in parts correct and in other parts misinterpreted, but whether you call it karma or universal and natural law, there are indeed laws that do operate and by which all things are governed, and the words, "ye shall reap what ye sow" does come to mind as being true as there does seem to be a balance within the natural laws, that favours harmony between opposing natures and that they become more tolerant of one another rather than being in conflict, so within such highly evolved laws there is a structure and natural balance that provides a stability within the natures that exist so that one nature does not over come the other, but rather the natural law promotes that all natures can exist together within its laws and there can still be positive evolution and beneficial growth...

Therefore any nature that becomes overly opposing to the natural laws to whatever extent it is out of harmony and balance and is therefore causing a disharmony and in our own case we can learn as most life by the means of trial and error and for those natures that are or seek to be opposing to what is generally in their own best interest and therefore also the best interest of all other life within these natures there will be a lesson or reaction within the natural laws that will address and restore balance to all overly opposing natures, including those opposing natures within mankind, that is not to say that mankind will learn these lessons of life overnight as some learn and understand easily, while others continue to act in discord and therefore have to repeat the same lessons as many times as it is necessary before they can then move on to find and learn greater lessons that are set out before us in our continual evolution of life.

So the law of karma is maybe stating in some way that, what goes around comes around and what you do unto another may come back onto yourself, this karmic law I would call a universal and natural law and indeed I very much believe that we each shall in some way receive the appropriate lessons in life and if we cause hardship to others then we ourselves at some point will have to undo the wrong we have done and the lesson we may receive ourselves maybe one of hardship, to give us greater a understandings and empathy for others. But it is true to say that the natural laws that we live within can sometimes be very harsh, even if in the majority of cases these laws allow for beneficial growth on the whole to take place there are still many who suffer by natural causes and not karmic or any divine law other than the existence of the natural laws that we are all subject to and live within, where both good and bad can happen to us. The one thing that can allow for improvement within these laws, is our own greater understanding of the natural laws and that we should seek to complement and live within these laws in our own actions, trying as best we can to alleviate unnecessary suffering in the ways that we can, including seeking to end any unnecessary suffering and affliction caused by mankind to his fellow mankind.

Human Transmigration between Genders & Species

There are also beliefs that humans can possibly transmigrate genders and species and even experience somewhat of a lottery as well as possibly being able to choose what gender or species that they will be in their next incarnation. For instance in the next life we might wish to be the opposite gender or may wish to come back as a bird or fish etc. It is true that there are some choices that can be made by spirit that are choosing to reincarnate and they can have a life plan and certain experiences, but there are limitations on what can be done or granted as all reincarnations have to fall within the natural laws of evolution and they are granted in a fair way to each.

My own understanding is that on our first incarnation we come here within the mortal life as the spiritual spark of life that has no gender and it is within the mortal life that we firstly assume from the physical form which gender we will become and remain, both here and within the spirit realms, as also if we reincarnated back upon the earthly plane, as once in human form it is not possible to alter our gender or species in almost all cases, save possibly those few that may be allowed to reincarnate within the opposite gender due to the fact they have more of the opposite genders attributes and have always felt as if they are the opposite gender to how they where born and have lived their lives mostly as the opposite gender would do, including having sex changes in this modern day

There are practical reasons why we cannot change genders, firstly male and female attributes are best left separately as they are and it is better that they are not fully incorporated into one life, that upon reawakening within spirit we would become both male and female and this would cause an imbalance and disharmony, as well as having mass confusion of feelings and conflicting emotions and there would often be an inability to be able to express one or the other of our masculine or feminine traits, somewhat like a split personality half male half female and although many believe that within spirit we do not have a physical body, We still keep human form and structure, it may not be of physical matter but we do still keep the body and our normal cognitive skills and memories and this is supported by the vast amount of evidence that comes from the spirit realms and points to this fact and we are in spirit, an identical double of our mortal body and mind

If it were possible for us to reincarnate and take the opposite gender from our previous life, then when we became re-awoken to our past life within spirit, you can imagine the confusion it may cause, we would go through an identity crisis not knowing if we were male or female and with two opposite genders within us this would end up in conflicting natures as both females and males need to be able to express their own gender and identity in different ways and most of all there is a great problem that if you have been male and female you are then trapped within a body that is one gender then the other and one half of you is going to feel imprisoned and unable to express itself and have a normal life within and through being within the body of the opposite gender. This is exactly the reasons why it is not done, as the calamity and chaos it would cause would be catastrophic. So those who do reincarnate come back within the same gender which is compatible and all such problems are averted, as there are very few problems with reincarnation within the same gender and species, in fact it is nearly all gain and there is no loss of identity it is as though you have gain and lived again through another life and this is identical be it from the present or past lifes perspective as both gain.

So it appears men and women are given attributes that are meant to be complimentary to each other whilst living still having separate forms and identities. It is understandable that some men and women might wish to gain the experience and a greater understanding of the natures and feelings of the opposite gender through experiencing it first hand for themselves, this of course would give us a much deeper insight into each others differences and feelings. This can be more readily achieved within the spirit realms without there being any need to change genders. This is because spirit are far more capable of sharing personal experiences of mind with each other through their psychic and spiritual abilities to link with each others minds, not only to share and communicate knowledge to each other, they can also share memories and very vivid and deep emotions, to a level where one can experience the other in a melding of minds and spirits. This at its deepest level might be done by soul mates who can perceive and give perceptions to each other through forming such a link, where it is possible for spirit to become entwined and much more at one with each other in a union and what can be a consummation of souls.

Transmigration & Evolutionary Life Streams of souls

Some cultures have believed in the transmigration of the soul between species and life streams in spirit and that the soul as all life is not strictly limited to only living in one life stream and that the souls of lower forms can therefore evolve and transmigrate to a higher life stream and life forms. Often it has been thought that soul's might begin life at the lower end of the evolutionary chain and then experience a multiple number of rebirths within each particular life stream, until such a time as the appropriate level of evolution is reached, whereby the soul moves to a higher life stream and is then reborn within a more evolved species.

I.e. such as a single celled life and soul might transmigrate to the ant and the ant might then transmigrate to the tadpole and the frog might transmigrate to the bird and the bird might transmigrate into a dolphin and the dolphin might transmigrate into a semi-domesticated animal such as a lamb and the sheep might transmigrate into a more domesticated animal such as a horse possibly living and working with humans and then the horse might transmigrate into another domestic animal such as a cat or a dog and the dog again has the opportunity to experiences life with humans the highest form of life, so that eventually the dogs souls will be able to transmigrate and incarnate within a human and experience life as the highest form of life and the human may reincarnate several times in order to reach a point of evolution and enlightenment, where it then becomes possible for the soul to evolve onward to a higher stream of life that exist beyond the mortal realm within the spiritual planes and life streams, where again this process can continue and new experiences and evolution can be gained.

This understanding does make for a reasonable analogy of one possible way in which we could spiritually evolve through the species and progress onward through the evolutionary chain to higher streams of life both here and within spirit. However although it is truly one way in which it could work, to my understanding it is not correct from the evidence that spirit gives.


The Way of Reincarnation & Life Plans

The Way of Reincarnation

It seems that the way reincarnation is found is by those who are devoted to the way of light and to their own spiritual evolution and furtherment within the spiritual planes of evolution and it appears that those who have recently passed over to the next or lower planes of spiritual existence cannot immediately or directly have reincarnation and there is a good deal of evidence to support this, as for those who regularly visit good clairvoyant mediums will almost certainly find all their loved ones still within the realms of spirit and often they remain there for quite sometime and in most cases will still remain upon the plane that we shall also pass onto. So it seems that reincarnation is (a) not compulsory and (b) it is something that is granted to those that have obtained the required level of evolution and earned the opportunity through their own evolution and merits and have almost certainly moved on to higher planes of spiritual evolution, where to have reincarnation by choice becomes possible if one wishes it. By this point these individuals would be fairly evolved souls who carry no form of spiritual or karmic debt and of course it would be unfair to mortals here, if those who have not evolved were able to come straight back here as this would be unfair and could be detrimental to ourselves in the long term to become re-awoken in spirit to an old soul that has not yet cast off or evolved beyond their own negative ways and therefore would bring debt onto us at re-awakening, thus it does not happen and as mentioned all spirit that do return to the earthly plain are evolved souls that are of an appropriate evolution and are complementary and very carefully matched to our own life so that they are nothing but an asset to have.


Pre-Destined Life Plans

As already mentioned spirit can ask and to some extent arrange a pre-destined life plan, this is done through prayer asking for the experiences that one wishes to have and what is done to accommodate this spirit is that they are put within a life here that by natural events will most probably have many of these things in the natural events of their life within the situations they live within and as I have said there is no outside influence or manipulation to change any of our lives here we all live a natural destiny within the natural laws and whether we have an old soul or not present our lives would in almost all cases be exactly the same. On a very rare occasion such as in the case of individuals such as Moses, Christ, John the Baptist and others that have more directly work for the Father here there has inevitably been a need for some changes in their lives other than what would have been that lifes natural destiny, but these are special cases and not the normal way it works and each of their new souls was probably couple before birth with the old soul and awaken to the old soul before incarnation, so that the new soul could choose and offer to be of service in their lifetime here if they wished. In most cases there is no need for this as the present lifes destiny is not altered in any way by the presence of an old soul.

If a spirit asks to be of service to mankind in this lifetime then they will be incarnated within a life that can be seen prior to incarnation will be of service to others and this is the same for any other experience. So spirit can ask for the experience they feel will add to their own attribute in the longer term and often evolved souls do return to those that have great hardship or those who are of service to others in this lifetime, spirit do also volunteer to be joined with life that often does not set foot upon the earthly plain or those who pass at an early age as well as with those who have great disabilities and hardships in life. Although these evolved souls cannot overly help this life it is sometimes felt that the new soul does possibly gain some strength and influence from the old soul to face such hardships. Not all old souls choose to have a life of hardship, but many are attracted to support those that do and for themselves in the long term it will bring experience, for those here that have had the strength to endure such hardship have gained in spirit and have a greater understanding and empathy of others suffering similar situations and once these souls are back within the spirit realms the old soul can be awoken and such strength can be given to the new soul that no matter the hardship they may have been through, it can be put behind and at last the soul may be truly freed once again.

So those wishing to incarnate can ask for the kind of life and experiences they wish to have and they can also ask to be born in any part of this world that they would like to live within, no matter their former origin, so if one had lived in England in a past life they could ask to live there again or anywhere else they wished to and often spirit favour living within another culture in another part of the world, this is to gain a new insight from a different cultural prospective, this is not always the case and some spirit wish to return to not only the same country, but also maybe to the approximate location they have lived in before, this might be the same town or village for instance that they have lived in before.

However some here say, when I come back I am going to be born back into my own family even back as a child of a grand or great grand daughter or son. There are problems that can relate to these matters, firstly it is most unlikely that one could gain reincarnation within these individuals lifetime anyway and secondly doing this may complicate family relationships at a later point within spirit and thirdly it might complicate family relationships here and I have known of bereaved parents that have lost a child and when another of their children has had a child they have proclaimed it to be their own child reincarnate within the new child, born to their own brother or sister, this in itself may not be that good an idea, let along the effect it could have on such a family not to mention the child that may well end up having an identity crisis being told they are not just themselves, but a brother or sister to their parents and a son or daughter of their Grand parents. To myself the whole thing seems like a bad idea and I feel it would be implausible that it would happen.


Karmic Groups & Shared Destines

Karmic groups are those who are thought to incarnate here within each others lifetimes and have a connection with each other from a past lifetime, so that in some way in this lifetime their paths will cross once again in a shared destiny of some kind. There are stories and those that believe in the theory of karmic groups and that those who may have persecuted others in a past lifetime maybe reborn again with those who they have persecuted, only that in this lifetime they will not persecute others, but instead they will be here to make amends for the wrong doings of a past life and to work off their karmic debt. So in this lifetime they reincarnate and through destiny cross the paths of those within their karmic group to repay and work off the debt by being beneficial to those they have wronged in the past. Some here believe that their present family members and friends at times have been those who have in another lifetime done great wrong to them and are now making recompense by their good deeds in the present. Although it sounds like a fairly sound theory and way by which those who do wrong to others could come back and learn the lessons of being kind by becoming closely associated to those they have harmed in a past lifetime, the theory is however unlikely

Firstly because it seems there is no direct rebirth and those who earn the opportunity in spirit to have reincarnation can choose certain things within a pre-destined life plan in this lifetime and they would mostly be unlikely to want to come back to share a close destiny with those who have harmed them in a past lifetime and all is of freewill in spirit when spirit do choose to return. That is not to say that there are no karmic groups of souls that do return here to share a destiny where their paths might cross in possible benefit to each other. If two souls wish to return to the earth and have a shared destiny then this would be made possible and souls here on the earth can be brought together through pre-destined life plans where they have asked to be with those who have reincarnated within the same lifetime, so it is true that some of us might be able to say that it was our destiny and fate that we be together or to meet certain people or be in a certain place at a certain time, of this fact I think we can be certain, that there indeed is destiny that can involve both ourselves and others while we are here upon the earth and some spirit may wish to make amends or be of service and these things can be made possible through natural events within our lifetimes.


Do Animals or Plants have Reincarnation or Rebirth?

As far as I am aware it appears that humans are the only spiritual life form that is able to have reincarnation or rebirth and it also seems that the only practical reason for having reincarnation is to gain experience and therefore evolve. This is maybe because humans unlike most other life has a far greater ability to gain from reincarnation due to his or her intelligence and mankind strives to find greater understandings as well as meanings and purposes of life. Mankind seeks unlike all other life to expand his or her intelligence and knowledge of all things so that we can comprehend greater things through which we gain greater wisdom and insight, and this is something mankind can excel at and intern takes us forward in our own continual evolution. This is not the same case for most other species upon the earth that have far greater limitations of intelligence and comprehension and mostly they are quite content to be as they presently are and they know no different and do not comprehend that they could be anything more than what they presently are and although other life on this world does and will continue to evolve it does not seek to comprehend greater things outside of its own domain.

Many believe that other species may one day evolve greater intelligence as humans have done through the process of evolution from ape to mankind, however in my own view I think mankind is the only species that God created to evolve to such a high state of intelligence, thus I feel it is unlikely that other life will follow the path mankind is on, but it is not impossible and these things are in the hands of God.

As for what happens to all animal and plant life, well spirit speak of the animal and plant kingdoms within the spirit realms, that is not to say humans souls, animals and plants are separated from each other within spirit, all it states is that both animals and plants do exist within the spirit realms and at the end of life here all life passes on into spirit. So that the plant and animal life of today would go to planes in spirit where we would also live, but there are planes of evolution that are from the distant past, for instance we would not come into contact with dinosaurs roaming around on the planes that we would find ourselves living upon. So animal and plant life lives on in spirit on a comparative plane of evolution for its own time period. However on the next plane of evolution we might expect to see that it has existed and has a history as long as the earths, but the life there would most likely seem to begin with early Homo-Sapiens possibly even before that time and because we are fully developed as human beings we will be able to continually develop and move on to higher planes of evolution.


Proof of Reincarnation?

Many reincarnation or rebirth theories do have a good foundation and are possible ways in which the process could take place, presuming that rebirth or reincarnation is possible, but of course there is always one problem, how does one go about proving that rebirth or reincarnation is possible. It is more a question of belief in it being possible than one of being able in most cases to categorically prove it, although some have what they feel has been to themselves absolute proof that they have indeed had a past life and what is thought to be evidence has been given. I myself have gained and become aware of certain aspects of what I believe to be my own past life through having past life experiences as well as having the conformation given to me by spirit guides including my karma.

However some here have had vivid experiences, where they could see themselves in a past time and they could describe accurately things of that time which they new nothing of and when they have investigated what they have experienced they have found these things to be true. Is this not absolute proof that they have had a past life experience. I'm afraid not, as some of these individuals may have been mistaken in their belief that they were experiencing and encountering one of their own former lifetimes, when in fact it was a spirit guide quite often taking them in meditation back to his or her time upon the earth. So for instance if you were to see yourself in a Indian village wearing Indian clothes and being part of the village life it does not necessarily signify that you have been a Indian in a former life as this might just be an Indian guide giving you these impressions of his or her own former lifetime and culture while they were here upon the earth.

But having said that those who are incarnated here, do have a spirit karma who is aware of our past lifetimes if we have had any and karma are aware of any life plans we might have and they along with spirit guides may at times give genuine evidence and proof of past life if it is seen to be appropriate to do so, although often they feel we should concentrate on the present and not the past. It is not impossible for some here to genuinely have some past life experiences and recollection, but genuine past life recollections are . rare, that is not to say that we do not get mild impressions from our past life, but mostly if we do have a group or old soul, it is only the present facet of the new soul that is truly awoken and experiencing this life, as the old soul of our past is more or less is in an unawoken state or slumber and our own present life has what is referred to as past life amnesia and the old soul will not be re-awoken within us until we return to the spirit realms.


Past Life Regression

There are those here that do set out to find some form of proof that rebirth or reincarnation is possible, for instance there is a growing interest in subjects such as past life regression, which is done through the process of hypnotism, where the subject is regressed through the present life as far back as the memory goes and then an attempt is made to regress them further back before this lifetime, in an attempt to see if any evidence of a past life can be uncovered. Most certainly hypnotism has been proved to be a useful tool in uncovering suppressed memories within the subconscious mind...

However what is uncovered in past life regression through hypnotism is difficult to prove as being genuinely past life memories and is open to being unreliable, as whatever suppressed memories are surfacing that might be thought to be of a past life could just as easily be a number of other impressions that have been given by spirit or even the sub-conscious minds own imagination and beliefs trying to fill in the gaps to the questions while the mind is hypnotised and in a more lucid state where the imagination and subconscious mind are more greatly open to be used. Those who have an interest and belief that they may have had a past life seeking to discover what evidence of this can be found through means such as past life regression, often have been told they where this or that in a past lifetime and already have a belief that they have had a past life, therefore this impression and belief is already have within the sub-conscious mind that is open to suggestion and thus it is quite probable that when hypnotism is induced, what is revealed, yes, could be a past life memory, but in many cases is more likely the belief that is already instilled within the subconscious.

I have belief in reincarnation, but I feel that trying to unlock the memories of past life experiences through hypnotism is not the right key to open the door and that past life experiences would more likely be found through meditation and further spiritual development and maybe it is not meant that we should discover to much of our past life because of the effects and possible complications it may bring into our present life. So maybe it is better that we are not on the most part fully able to unlock the door to our past life within this present lifetime.