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Spiritsof the Light


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God/Goddess cont.

The Goddess


In the beginning was the Mother.

As far back as 30,000 years ago, the people of the earth worshipped a female deity. In cultures around the world, the Goddess has been revered in myriad forms, in temple and grove, cathedral and cave. She has been celebrated and venerated through ritual, myth, and art. These pages serve as introduction to some of the 10,000 names of the Goddess, and offer links to other web pages and resources where you can find more information about Goddess spirituality and mythology.

The path of Goddess is not defined or laid down in dogma. It is a living, daily connection with sacredness. There is literally no end to the ways in which you can find and honor Goddess. The Goddess is Gaia, the earth Ix Chel, the moon Arianrhod, the stars. She is Oya, who brings the storms, and she is Mary, who calms them. She is Nut, who births creation, and Kali, who destroys it. She is maiden, mother, queen and crone. She is lover and spinster, warrior and sibyl, nurturer and judge.

The Goddess does not easily fit into categories. For example, defining Demeter as simply a nature goddess or Artemis as a moon goddess is to diminish Her influence and importance in other realms. These categories are but convenient gathering places, showing the common threads that weave into the larger pattern. Know that each aspect of the Goddess is far more complex, far richer, than can be presented in this small space. Let this be a beginning of your exploration of Her.

Once She has called your name,
you are Hers forever.